The Alternative Album Chart: The best new indie albums this week


The science of when to release an album is strange one. Labels genuinely pore money and resources into this study, and it would seem from the rather slight list of releases this week that the first week in August isn’t deemed a favourable one. Why? Absolutely no idea, but this is the leanest week of the summer so far.

Maybe it is because people have floated off on their holidays, or maybe there is a slight dip in the festival season as people regroup and patch holes in their tents, but for some reason, album releases take a dip this week. Alas, that creates somewhat of an open goal for those who have seized this sparsity and turned it into an opportunity.

Last week we had The Clientele return with a cracker, no-wave legends Bush Tetras release only their fourth LP despite forming in 1979, and Jessy Lanza provide some creditable club-focused beats for the holidaying crowds to enjoy. This continued a cracking summer of music where releases from Guided by Voices, Moon Panda, Being Dead, and Maya Ongaku have also been stand-outs.

Below, we have the return of Miles Kane to indie boppers, a debut of potential from Art School Girlfriend and some quirky obscurities for your perusal. Enjoy the good, the bad, and the ugly amid this week’s (slightly smaller than usual) indie offerings below.

The best new indie albums this week:

One Man Band – Miles Kane – 4/5

One Man Band sees a return to Miles Kane’s signature guitar-infused energy, with big hooks and classic indie bangers. The record feels like everything Kane has been building up to – it’s urgent, and it’s sharp, with all of the charm of his previous albums but with an added flavour of home. But that’s not all that there is to the record; it’s also deeply personal. Kane returned to his home city of Liverpool to write the album, embracing his roots and family head-on to uncover all of the reasons he fell in love with music in the first place.

It is a homage to all of the music he loves, with borrowed elements of rock, northern soul, and pop. Above all, it’s all just a bit of fun, really, and Kane has always knowingly shone through in the moment. But that’s the appeal; Miles Kane is one of the most passionate and approachable artists out there, who truly enjoys what he does and embraces all those willing to join him for the ride. One Man Band feels exactly like that. [Words: Kelly Scanlon]

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